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Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses fingers on key points to help remove blockages and promote circulation to assist and encourage the body’s self-healing abilities.

Acupressure is performed fully clothed, with parts of the session feeling like massage therapy. Relaxation of the body is a key factor in allowing the free flow of chi (life force energy) and blood throughout the body. In this way, acupressure enables proper nourishment and function of the muscles, tendons, joints and organs.

Although physical pain may be the reason for coming in for treatment, there are many ways to approach the relief of the pain. Finding balance in our mind, body, and spirit in our daily lives is a key to true wellness.

Bowen / Bowen Healing Technique / Bowen Healing System is a modality which originated in the 1950s in Australia by Tom Bowen and taught by Osteopath Oswald Wrench and his wife Elaine to practitioners throughout the world. The Bowen technique is a light touch technique performed over muscles tendons and nerve bundles to assist the body in healing itself to the degree it is able. Sessions are designed to address the entire body as a system as well as specific chronic or acute conditions presenting at the time of the appointment. Clients are fully clothed and sessions are generally performed on a massage table. Bowen helps “turn off the flight or flight response” in the body and is very effective in addressing chronic stress, back pain, sleep issues, shoulder problems, athletic injuries as well as enhancing athletic performance.

Feng Shui literally translates to “Wind Water.”  In ancient China, these elements were considered when siting a new home.  Essentially, Feng Shui is the art and science of living in harmony with one’s environment through conscious placement and design. Practically speaking, we feel better emotionally and more in control of our lives in a beautiful environment that is clean and organized.  More profoundly, Feng Shui supports the Spirit and our ability to create the life we desire. 

Intuitive Readings provide insight and perspective. Readers may use their natural gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing,) clairaudience (clear hearing,) and clairsentience (clear feeling) to sense energies, gather information, and convey messages. Tools like Runes, Tarot or Angel Cards, may be used to provide guidance, provoke thought, and empower inner knowing.

Massage therapy dates back many years as a wellness resource and has been offered in many cultures with unique styles and techniques. These types of therapy are used to promote circulation, opening up energy paths so we are healthy and feel balanced.

Massage therapy is a holistic approach that provides relaxation, relief from stress, and rehabilitation. Every community can benefit from this wellness resource.

Meditation quiets the mind to promote peace, relaxation, and increased consciousness. Meditation alters brain waves, increases gray matter, reduces blood pressure and cortisol production.  It improves the immunity system, increases serotonin, reduces anxiety and pain response.  It also fosters clearer thinking, creativity, and compassion. Techniques may include focusing on the breath, a mantra, or sound; guided imagery; even consciously walking or eating.

Padicma is a very high frequency of Divine energy for healing.

A person is usually introduced to Padicma as a client who is receiving a focused and channeled session of this life-changing energetic force while lying on a massage table, awake and fully clothed.  The attuned Padicma Advanced Energy Healer practitioner is physically and spiritually scanning the client’s energetic field to locate, identify and alleviate energies and blockages that may be causing physical, mental or emotional dis-ease.  The Padicma healing frequency changes unbalanced life force to a more balanced life affirming energy.  The client and Practitioner are talking and affirming feelings and thoughts throughout the session, which is gentle – as Padicma is an energy system that carries joy, peace and well-being.

Padicma energy healing is a catalyst which can shift your personal belief systems, which in turn can shift your behavior, which will then transform your expectations and outcomes.

QEST™ is a powerful system of energetic body work that appears to trigger the body’s natural healing ability over a series of sessions. A unique “language” of codes and applied kinesiology enables the QEST™ practitioner to gently do specific “hands-on” work with the energetic body, to assist in stimulating lasting healing, pain relief, immune response, increased energy, and well being.

During a session, the client is fully clothed and comfortably reclines on a massage table. When watching a QEST™ practitioner work, it looks as if the person is using a smart phone – swiping, holding, and moving icons about the screen in very specific locations.

Results of treatment can include freedom from pain, increased mental clarity, decrease in trauma from old injuries, and less pain or stiffness in movement.

Sound Healing uses vibration to support physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Sound affects us at a cellular level, stimulating brainwave centers, promoting relaxation, breaking up energy blockages, and releasing lower frequencies.  Vibrational entrainment alters physical and emotional responses and may reduce blood pressure, improve immunity, decrease cortisol, reduce pain and stress.

Vibrational raindrop technique combines the vibrational frequencies of tuning forks, gem stones, therapeutic touch, and essential oils. The tuning forks are applied to ancient Chinese acupuncture points, bringing together multiple healing modalities to move chi and help improve health and body balance.

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